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C’è una mandorla per ogni occasione

Whole Almonds – Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:

Natural almonds: versatile and suitable for all-around use

  • Blanched: works well as an attractive garnish, either as is or roasted to bring out the flavor and color Natural, roasted or flavored snacks Embedded or enrobed in chocolate
  • Ingredients for confectionery, energy bars, bakery
  • Inputs for processing

Almond Slices or Flakes – Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:
  • Topping for salads
  • Ingredient for cereal
  • Coating for savory dishes
  • Garnishing for baked goods, desserts

Almond Slivers and Halves – Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:
  • Roasted or flavored snacks
  • Ideal for stir-fries and grain dishes
  • Ingredient for baked goods, cereal
  • Texture for confectionery
  • Topping for prepared foods, salads

Diced or Chopped Almonds– Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:
  • Topping for dairy items, baked goods
  • Work well for stuffings and coatings
  • Coating for ice cream bars
  • Filling for bakery, confectionery
  • Crust for meats, seafood

Almond Meal or Flour – Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:
  • Sauce thickener
  • Perfect for making almond butter or marzipan
  • Ingredient and filling for confectionery
  • Flavor enhancer in bakery
  • Coating for fried foods

Almond Milk

Typical Applications:
  • In morning cereal or coffee
  • Blended with smoothies

Almond Paste and Butter – Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:
  • Alternative to other spreads
  • Filling for chocolate, cereal bars, confectionery and bakery

Almond Oil

Typical Applications:
  • Salad dressings
  • Non-food (e.g., cosmetics, moisturizer)

Green Almonds

Typical Applications:
  • Cut the almond hull along the seam with a paring knife and use the fresh, herbaceous-tasting nut’s inside as part of a composed salad or plain with a bit of sea salt.